Sunday, November 16, 2014


Gaiman, N. (2008). The Graveyard Book. NY: HarperCollins.
Bod is a young boy the lives in the graveyard.  He was raised by the ghosts that haunt the graveyard. He has to quickly learn how to understand how be among the living and the dead and survive the dangers that lie in  both worlds.
Great lessons and activities:
Holm, J. (2014). Comics Squad: Recess! NY: Random House.
This is a hilarious graphic novel that has many short stories from all your favorite author's from this genre. Each story  includes every student's favorite part of school...recess!   This is a very entertaining and quick read...comic book style!
Great lessons and activities:

Collins, S. (2004). Gregor the Overlander. NY: Scholastic.
Gregor is a young boy that starts his usual chore of doing laundry in his apartment building when something amazing happens.  Gregor and his baby sister fall through the grate in the laundry room and land in a mysterious world far underground.  The strange world he lands in is on the brink of a war.  Gregor now begins a journey to save the underworld and find some answers of his own.
Great lessons and activities:
Hale, S. (2008). Rapunzel's Revenge. NY: Bloomsbury.
Rapunzel's Revenge is a graphic novel that is a bit different from your typical Rapunzel fairytale. Rapunzel doesn't wait around to be rescued from the tower, she rescues herself.  She then teams up with Jack to rescue others and do good deeds all over the land.
Great lessons and activities:
Landry, D. (2007). Skulduggery Pleasant. NY: HarperCollins.
Skulduggery Pleasant is a walking, talking skeleton.  He is also a sarcastic and talented detective for the magical world that is all around us but don't see.  With the help of a very crafty 12 year old, Stephanie, they work together to save the world from the evil magical leaders that threaten to destroy it.
Great lessons and ideas:

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