Sunday, November 16, 2014

Author Studies

Selznick, B. (2007). Wonderstruck. NY: Scholastic.
This is the tale of two children in two different places who have many questions about their lives.  They set off alone on a journey to get answers about their lives.  Through the amazing artwork and thoughtful text, we are taken on a journey that weaves through time. We slowly learn about the characters and many mysteries are solved.
Great lessons and resources:
Creech, S. (2001). Love That . NY: HarperCollins.
Love that dog is a simple story told by a young boy who writes short poems to his teacher.  Even though Jack hates poetry, he learns to understand poems and write short poems with great emotion. As he writes his poems, we slowly learn about what is important to him and events in his life that have been hard for him.
Great lessons and resources:

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