Saturday, October 3, 2015

And We Stay

Hubbard, J. (2014). And we stay. NY: Delcorte Press.

Emily is a young, average high school girl. She goes to school. She has a boyfriend.  Life is normal. Then she finds out she’s pregnant.  She tells her boyfriend and her parents so they can help her decide what’s best.  Her parents push her to have an abortion.  When she tells her boyfriend Paul of her plans, he doesn’t accept things the way Emily has accepted her new life.  Emily feels she must break up with Paul because things will be too hard.  After breaking up with him, he is so distraught that he comes to school with a gun and threatens Emily. After a confrontation with a teacher, he ends up shooting himself.  After her abortion and the traumatic events at school, Emily is sent to a boarding school.  With the help of her new roommate, and a kind teacher, Emily eventually learns to heal.  This book was written in a very unique way with flashbacks and bits and pieces of information given at a time.  It kept me reading so I could figure out the full details of the traumatic events in Emily’s life. This book could be considered contemporary realistic fiction.  The plot, characters, and setting are very possible and in fact could have been “ripped from the headlines” of today’s paper. 
This book could be used with grades 9-12.

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