Friday, October 9, 2015

Code Name Verity

Wein, E. (2012). Code name Verity. NY: Hyperion.

When Julie, or code name “Verity” is caught in France by the Gestapo, she must try to do anything to stay alive, even if it means revealing secrets. She is a spy and must give up all her secrets by writing them down.  She begins to weave a tale the seems to be true, but she is really changing the story so almost nothing is true and making up codes to throw them off.  She also manages to leave code for any of her supporters who may read the papers. All of this is not revealed until the very end when we hear the other side of the story from Verity’s best friend, Maddie, or code name “Kittyhawk”. Maddie last saw Julie right before she jumped from their plane that was about to crash.  They each believe the other is dead, until messages and events start to fall into place.  While trying to rescue Julie, Maddie ends up shooting her to save her from anymore torture.  Julie gives her the signal and Maddie does what her best friend asks.  When I read this part I was thinking, NOOOO!  I was so hoping for a happy ending.  This was a great story with a lot of intrigue.  A historical novel has to create a time and place and transport readers there.  This book certainly did this.  I imagine the author had to do a large amount of research to create such an amazing setting and plot with the different languages, scenes, and historical events that took place during World War II.
This book could be used with grades 11-12.

To download a great study guide for this book, click HERE!

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