Sunday, October 18, 2015


Clark, K. (2013). Freakboy. NY: Ferrar Straus Giroux.

Brendan is a high school athlete, good student, boyfriend, and loving big brother. In his senior year he is finding out that he is different.  He loves his girlfriend Vanessa, but sometimes wonders if he actually wants to be her…to be a girl.  He feels that inside he is a girl, but doesn’t want to admit that.  He tries to live the lie, but it is catching up to him.  When he meets a stranger on the bus in front of a teen
center that helps kids that are struggling with their identity, things begin to slowly change.  The stranger, Angel gives Brendan her number and offers help.  He later works up the courage to begin talking to her and finds out that she is transsexual, and he may be too.  When his best friend walks in on him wearing a woman’s bra, Brendan’s nightmare really begins.  His friend tells everyone on the wrestling team and Brendan’s secret is out.  He quits the team, distances himself from his girlfriend, and considers suicide. Angel eventually helps him understand his feelings and Brendan tells his girlfriend the truth and he asks his mom to see a therapist.  This book was written in verse that was amazing to read.  I chose this book because of the title and the book cover.  It is so amazing! Kids really do judge a book by its cover, this book would circulate because the title and cover art is so intriguing.
This book could be used with grades 11-12.

Here's a great book trailer for this book!

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