Sunday, September 27, 2015

Annie on My Mind

  Garden, N. (1982).  Annie on my mind.  NY:  FSG

Liza and Annie come from two different backgrounds but become close friends. They share a very close friendship that eventually turns into love. When Liza is suspended from school, the girls become closer and this time together leads to their first kiss. When two of Liza’s teachers go on vacation during spring break, Liza volunteers to take care of their home and feed their cats.  During this time Liza and Annie stay together and are discovered there by a school administrator. Liza is forced to tell her family about her relationship. The book is narrated by Liza as she is beginning to write a letter to Annie. As I was reading, I just kept thinking that this book was published in 1982! I can only imagine the controversy over this book.  It was a great read.
As Havinghurst's tasks state, adolescents must define their appropriate sex roles. Dealing with these roles with the pressures of society is an important topic that this book relates to.
This book could be used with grades 9-12.

To see a study guide for this book, click HERE.

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