Monday, September 14, 2015

Gabi: A Girl in Pieces

Quintero, I.  (2014).  Gabi: A girl in pieces.  TX:  Cinco Puntos.
Gabi journals her senior year in high school in a very hilariously blunt yet moving way.  She details the dynamics of her family that include a very strict mother, a delinquent younger brother, and father who is a drug addict.  She struggles through her senior year with her two best friends that have their own issues.  One friend is gay and after telling his family, is kicked out of his home. Her other friend finds out she is pregnant and later tells her two friends that she was actually raped by another boy that goes to their school. Gabi struggles with her weight, learning about boys, and dealing with her father’s drug overdose.  She learns to use poetry to cope with her feelings and ends up meeting the perfect boy who supports her through their last year in high school.  I laughed out loud and also had tears in my eyes while reading this book.  I could completely relate to the angst of the teenage years and remember why I'm glad they are over! One thing that really stuck out to me was the cover of this book. How amazing! It is true that kids (and adults) judge a book by its cover.  "The best book in the world will not circulate if the cover appears "dorky" to your kids."  This book will definitely circulate. 
I suggest that this book be used with grades 9-12.  It does contain some mature content, so definitely preview the book before using with students.

To download a great teaching guide for this book, click HERE!

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