Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Perfectly Normal

Harris, R.  (2009). It’s perfectly normal.  Boston, MA:  Candlewick Press
This is a book all about sexuality that was created for kids, parents, and teachers.  It covers every kind of question from conception, to puberty to sexually transmitted diseases.  It also discusses gender identity. The book is written in a way that is less like a text book and more like a graphic novel that will interest teens.  It has illustrations, speech bubbles and labels to show all the important stuff that teens may have questions about.  It really covers everything that teens need to know. When I was reading this book, I was thinking that I wish I had this when I was a teen. There's so much information in this book that every teen needs to know about. Havinghurst's theory of developmental tasks says that adolescents have to adapt to their physical bodies.  This is a book that may help teens to know what to expect and make adapting a bit easier.
This book is for ages 10 and up.

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