Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paper Towns

Green, J. (2008). Paper towns. NY: Dutton Books.

Quentin has a next door neighbor named Margo that he has known his whole life and has had a secret crush on for as long as he can remember. One night Margo appears at his window and they begin her strange journey of driving around all night righting wrongs that have been done to her. Through this journey, Quentin can really see the depth of Margo’s depression and the fact that this very popular and outgoing girl is struggling with life. After their memorable night, Quentin wakes up one day to find that Margo has disappeared.  He begins looking for and finding secret clues and messages left by Margo that will eventually lead to her location.  With the help of his friends, Quentin searches and finally finds Margo.  The ending that Quentin was hoping and dreaming for is very different than the reality of what is to happen.  Margo didn’t intend for him to find her, she doesn’t want to be with him or go back to her family.  She just wants to be alone to find herself and understand her feelings.  The story is serious and deep, but humorous at the same time. I really enjoyed this book, as I have all of John Green's books. The plot and the characters were both very unique and I got caught up in the mystery of finding Margo. I think this book showcases the young adult life and points out to kids that what is on the surface is not always the same as what is inside.  This may be a real life timeless struggle for most teens.
This book can be used with grades 9-12.
To download a great discussion guide for this book, click HERE!

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