Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blogs and Blog Readers

Today I was exploring several blog readers to see what I liked best and what I thought would really work for me. I  explored these blog readers:
After taking some time see how they all worked, I decided that I really wanted to use Feedly.  I liked the ease of use and the way it is organized.  It just made sense to me.  What really sold me on using Feedly was when I saw that little button that said save into One Note!  I was so excited about that!  I love One Note so much.  I use it every day for EVERYTHING!  It is my filing cabinet for all things professional and personal.  I also loved the Feedly app.  It is so easy to use and just makes it easier to access at anytime anywhere.  Perfect for me!
After setting up my Feedly account, it was time to start exploring!  I came across so many great blogs and began following them right away!  Here are a few of my favorites:
This librarian, Gwyneth Jones, posts about what she is doing in her library.  She shares ideas, photos, and links to resources.  I really started reading her blog because she was posting so many great ideas about makerspaces.  That is something I am very interested in. I also saw great ideas for book studies, videos and mystery Skype lessons.  I just really couldn't stop reading this blog!
Tiffany Whitehead is a librarian at a middle school in Louisiana.  Through her blog, she shares ideas for library activities, tech tools, as well as how to be a professional development leader.  I was interested in her blog because she shared videos, slides, presentations, and complete ideas that can be adapted and used in my own library. She is a great leader to follow.
Shannon Miller is the author of The Library Voice. I was able to be part of a Google Hangout session with Shannon Miller last year.  After that session, I have been following her on Facebook, Twitter, and through this blog.  She is a great resource for all librarians and anyone interested in educational technology.  I really like how she highlights technology on her blog and shares her ideas that she is using in her own library. She is also a great resource for makerspace ideas!
Matthew Winner is an elementary school librarian.  He is the host of the Let's Get Busy podcast series.  The podcasts consist of him interviewing authors and illustrators of popular new books. He also has podcasts for The Best Books Ever (This Week).  I thought this was a great blog to follow because all the podcasts are posted there for you. It's a great resource to share in your library as book talks to get kids excited about books. He also has Vine video links as well as a Pinterest link to his pins. 
This is a great blog to follow for elementary school library lesson ideas. She shares her lessons and links to Teachers pay Teachers for any materials you might need for the lessons.  I love how her ideas are all put together with the book titles and lesson materials and links all together.  She also gives step-by-step directions for you to easily follow. She also had a lot of great ideas and resources for getting a makerspace started in your library. 
Here's a link to my Tumblr, where I share quotes, photos, and links to websites.


  1. I follow all of those blogs on Feebly too! They are such great inspirations and leaders in the field.

  2. This is excellent! I'm so happy you posted about all the blogs. You also said you liked Feedly-- good feedback for their development team, too, regarding the OneNote link!