Monday, June 22, 2015

Tech Trends and Library Services in the Digital Age

Zickuhr, K. (May 10, 2013). Tech trends and library services in the digital age. Pew Research. Retrieved from


This article mostly focuses on how teens and young adults find and share information in the digital age.  According to the study, 95% of teens use the internet 78% had a cell phone of those, 37% are smart phones.

The article states that 53% of Americans visit the library in person and 23% visit the website.  What was really interesting to me is how those people used the library when they visited. 73% borrowed books, 73% browsed the shelves, 54% research topics of interest, 50% get help from a librarian, and 31% read magazines or newspapers.  I was surprised by the number of people that really asked the library for help.  It was also interesting to see that the number of people who browse the shelves is also the same as the number of people who borrowed books. Most Americans say it is important for libraries to offer to help people and to allow patrons to borrow books.

The study also shows that e-reading is gaining popularity.  Libraries have seen a 16% rise in those who choose to read e-books. This was not too surprising to me. There are so many e-readers out there and now libraries are making it very easy for patrons to borrow e-books as well.

I was surprised to see the fact that 62% of Americans say they do not know if their library lends out e-books. I imagine if more patrons knew this there would be a huge rise in the amount of e-books borrowed.

This study also states that 49% of patrons sit, read, and study. This was not surprising to me, but I thought the fact that 41% of patrons are there for events for children and teens. I thought that statistic would be higher since libraries are constantly offering activities for children, teens, and families.

Because of the changing technology needs of patrons and the technology offered in libraries, the research shows that libraries will evolve. Libraries will have to not only provide the tools, but to also give guidance on how to use the tools and how to verify information.
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  1. It's amazing what people don't know. It's more of a marketing strategy than anything. How do you get to people who don't even go to the library? I was trying to tell one of my friends about OverDrive and the ability to download books to his smartphone. All he's gotta do is try it! Yet was almost too much trouble for him...