Sunday, June 14, 2015

Videos and QR Codes in the Library

There are a lot of librarians out there using videos and YouTube to not only get kids interested in the library, but to reinforce library lessons and get important information out there to everyone.

The Norman High School Library YouTube channel is a great one to follow.
Here's a great video that I think would get kids excited about coming to the library.  It shows what the library has to offer in a very fun way.

Another great video that gives important information about the library is this orientation video.

The Unquiet Library is another YouTube channel with some great videos. Here's an example of how this library shares new arrivals to their library collection.  I think students would really like to see this. It's a quick look at what's new to get them interested in the library.

This YouTube channel has a lot of great video tutorials for students that cover how to use research databases, copyright material, and embedding files. Here's an example of a powerpoint tutorial.  I think all of these are so helpful to students. They can access them at any time.

Pikesville High School Library also has a YouTube channel that has some great examples of how you can use videos in your library.  One example is how they showcase what is going on in their library.  I think students would like to see the pictures and videos of events that they were involved in throughout the year.  Here's one example:

This library also posts videos that are informational for students, such as course advisement and registration.  I also really liked that they posted introduction videos for teachers with information about their courses. 

BBMSMEDIA is another amazing YouTube channel to pay attention to.  There are some very creative and fun videos to view here.  I'm sure students would love all of the videos, but here is one that I thought was fun.

Here's an example of a video tutorial that this library posted to help students with GoAnimate and Glogster. This is a great way to make sure students have easy access to information to complete final projects.

All of these examples are great ways to get students interested in the library and excited about the events going  on there.  There are also so many great tutorials that students can access at any time to help them with research and projects. It's a great way to get information out there to everyone. 

In my library, I would like to create book trailers to get students excited about what's new in the library or to highlight a certain author. I would use the videos to  create tutorials to show students how to access and use the library page, search for books, and how to use our research sources. There are so many topics to cover when creating videos for the library.

Here's my first example!  A book trailer for the book The Testing, by Joelle Charbonneau. I made this book trailer to get kids excited about this trilogy.  It's a story that takes place in a dystopian society in the future.  This genre is very popular right now.

It’s graduation day for sixteen-year-old Malencia Vale, and the entire Five Lakes Colony (the former Great Lakes) is celebrating. All Cia can think about—hope for—is whether she’ll be chosen for The Testing, a United Commonwealth program that selects the best and brightest new graduates to become possible leaders of the slowly revitalizing post-war civilization. When Cia is chosen, her father finally tells her about his own nightmarish half-memories of The Testing. Armed with his dire warnings (”Cia, trust no one”), she bravely heads off to Tosu City, far away from friends and family, perhaps forever. Danger, romance—and sheer terror—await.
Scan the QR code to view my book trailer for The Testing!
I found some great ideas of how to use QR codes in the library.  Here are a few of my favorites that I am so excited to try out in my own library!
1. QR codes can be made for a direct link to online databases such as dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Place the QR code right on the shelf in the reference section.  View this site to learn more and see an example!
2. Add QR codes to a display of what's new and hot in the library. The QR codes can link to book trailers!  Check out this blog to see some great ideas!
3. Let students record a book review!  Connect the audio recording to a QR code and attach to the spine of books.  There's an example at this site to get you started!
4.  Create a GIANT QR code to place in a big window in front of the school.  Link the QR code to the library webpage.  Visit this site to see a library that is already doing this!

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  1. Your book trailer will be a great example for your students! It was dramatic and captured the feel of the book. nice ideas here, too!