Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teens and Facebook

Madden, M. (August 15, 2013). Teens Haven’t Abandoned Facebook (Yet). Pew Research Center. Retrieved from

This article from the PEW Research Center discusses the evolution of different social media outlets for teens, especially Facebook. The research indicates that teens are not giving up on Facebook, but their use of it is changing. Many teens in the research group indicated that they may be moving away from Facebook due to a more adult presence, negative interactions from other users, and unhappiness about friends who share too much. Despite these complaints, few teens have closed down their Facebook accounts.
Teens also stated that most of their social media interactions are not negative and that the receive support from other peers on social media. Even though teens are moving on to use other social media platforms, they are not abandoning Facebook.  They are spreading out their social media interactions among several platforms.
I think it's interesting that even though teens have some negative attitudes towards Facebook, they still continue to use the social media platform.  In fact, the article states that their data shows that very few teens have abandoned Facebook. The article also says that teens spread out their social media presence among several spaces.  Teens say that they can share pictures and thoughts on Facebook, yet they still use several different platforms to share large amounts of information. It's a lot of busy work to be a teen today!
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